Religions That Worship the Sun As God Oppose Same Sex Marriage

Every religion started from sun-worship and the depth of deceit by those who continue to promote them is startling. My knowledge of this is due to reincarnation and return to life, as everyone has done some six times (Job 5:19-21). The Old Testament prophecies promote reincarnation, which is why they are not referred to in church doctrines. The New Testament changed the nature of the Divine from Spirit into a three-headed being.

Between lives I was with the Spirit of the Universe, the only God, which fills all of space and is everywhere. It protects and guides things so that a plan is in force to bring the world to an end. This is highly promoted in the messages left to us within that book.

While many cannot accept this as fact and they may ridicule me for it because that is the way religions keep their customers and their fake gods. Overriding the Spirit and putting up the notion that the Divine is something that man can manipulate is part of their power. It’s why people like me are either put down or silenced in one form or another.

Religions hide the truth while they promote their false gods in a constant effort to make them appear great. These gods have no power, however, and those who follow them run foul of the truth. They are idols and icons of man’s illusions and dreams. The images are fake and the doctrines are inventions to fool the masses.

One of the best ways to test how connected one’s religion is will be to look at who is suffering in the world today. Those who worship the false gods are being killed in droves, and that includes Catholics, Muslims, and others. The Barcelona terrorist attacks killed man Catholics while the Muslims also died. So who is kidding who?

Another way is through their ‘marriage’ rituals. Mary is the name of the Mother God of Babylon and men could ‘marry Mary’ by dying on crosses and rising through the sun-circle. When this happened they were called ‘san-t’, ‘sun-t’ or ‘san-t’ from whence comes ‘sent’ nd ‘saint’. These terms all mean ‘sun’s cross’.

This is the basis of the Jesus Christ story and his throne in heaven. Men believe that they would sit on his right-hand side as his disciples after they pass through the cross. The number of crucifixions of god-men in ancient times was enormous. Now it is the Muslims who are rising to take their place beside the ‘virgin’ in the clouds.

People have to wake up to the religious lies and stop abusing people for their sexuality, which they cannot control. In my last life I was a man and in this one a woman. The one thing I missed when born was the strength and prestige that had been enjoyed in my other body. Knowing it would be an uphill battle to perform to my strength in this life it was the Spirit that helped me overcome it.

We don’t need to give way to religious lies to protect some man-made sacrament by the evil Catholic Church, which was established by the one with the number 666. It is the religion of Mary and Babylon (Revelation 17:5). One needs to check it out in the King James bible and not the altered and corrupted Catholic one or the Quran.